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Coming on the Forum of hobby house club, you accept the following conditions. If you don't agree with one, or several conditions - please, don't come on the Forum of hobby house club. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, and we will try to notify you on it. Also, we recommend to you to address periodically rules to be aware of all changes. Use of this forum after change of rules means yours with them consent.

  Placement of obviously false data, publication of responses and articles by the bribed persons, repeatedly to be registered, is strictly forbidden, at detection of these violations, the user will be banned FOR EVER!

  It is forbidden to place messages of offensive, obscene, pornographic character, threats and appeals to national discord and also the other materials breaking laws of your country, country which provides services of a hosting for this forum, or the international legislation. In case of placement of similar messages, the administration of a forum can block your account and inform of it your provider. For this purpose IP addresses of all messages remain. The administration of this forum reserves the right at any time at discretion to move, close, edit, or to remove any subject at a forum. As the user, you agree that all information specified by you will be stored in the database. At the same time, this information won't be available to the third parties without your consent, the administration of a forum doesn't bear responsibility for actions of hackers who can get access to this information owing to breaking.